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Submergence Group LLC specializes in the design, production and operation of bespoke, robust, manned and unmanned, underwater vehicle system/s. Our rapid-prototyping approach to the production of innovative underwater vehicles is heavily COTS reliant and provides the customer with an on-time and on-budget vehicle which will perform relentlessly for research and tactical operations. Submergence Group LLC also produces a host of marine vehicle components and is expert in the integration and implementation of hardware, software and firmware solutions in complex, multifaceted, fault-tolerant systems. We work well as both a subcontractor and prime contractor to deliver a product or support the delivery of a product to our client or sponsor's.

Quality Assurance Program

Submergence embraces a corporate quality structure that is applied to all program and task order activities. Submergence uses standardized quality management systems guidelines to provide quality management for the various programs to ensure that continuous process improvements are taking place. By following these guidelines, our team can utilize a systematic approach to managing our business processes and as an end result, provide quality control and continuous process improvement. We conduct periodic assessments to ensure that program objectives are either met or exceeded.
To successfully accomplish the goals and requirements defined by our customer, our customized QA/QC plan will include specific components that will serve as the foundation for conducting evaluations in all program areas, including but not limited to, management, operations, financial, and administrative.

Submergence Methodology:
  • To ensure that goals are established based on requirements and desired outcomes, rather than setting goals based on past or current levels of performance.
  • Select indicators of performance and measurement criteria that are as objective in nature as possible.
  • Indicators will be selected in collaboration with the management team responsible for all aspects of the project.
Indicatorís correlation with a process or outcome:
  • Clear and concise direction will be provided to identify performance level expectations and how each relates to the overall program objectives and goals.
  • Specific timetables and/or quotas will be identified for the measurement of each designated indicator.
  • Scheduled quality control reviews will be incorporated into day-to-day program management and QA/QC oversight.

In addition, based on new initiatives from our customers, we will strive for better ways of doing business more efficiently and effectively while implementing new plans/procedures to carry out identified improvements and/or enhancements.

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